What could be better for transforming an aperitif, a starter or a main course than an original and delicately scented sauce?   Forget all the old habits and oft-repeated dishes:  Soléales offers you a taste of surprising sauces that draw their unique flavours from the culinary delights from organic farming and exotic faraway countries. An invitation to get away from it all…

Salad sauces

Rediscover the pleasure of sharing a salad with friends

Sauce salade Criste marineSauce salade bourrache coriandreSauce salade Ortie Basilic

The Soléales range of salad sauces is guaranteed to add a fresh new flavour to all your salads. How? By enriching them with the delicate flavours plus the many benefits of borage, coriander, marsh samphire, thyme, nettle or basil.

Our unique and surprising sauces enable you to rediscover the pleasure of savouring salads that are packed with tastes and flavours. They require no preparation and are the ideal accompaniment to any impromptu meal.

Hot sauces

Delicious, exotic and ready to serve

Sauce chaude La CréoleSauce chaude L'AfricaineSauce chaude L'Indienne

After work, before an evening out, with friends or family – anytime is the right time to enjoy an exotic culinary escapade! But we don’t always have the time to prepare a perfect sauce to accompany our aperitifs or our hot dishes?  These days most of us certainly haven’t…

That’s why Soléales offers you a selection of hot sauces based on the spicy delights of some of the world’s most exotic culinary regions. Served hot or cold, and inspired by India, Africa or the far-flung islands, our sauces instantly add a truly exotic touch to all your mealtimes.